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Shared Parenting and the Canadian Child Tax Benefit

Who gets the Child Tax Benefit when parents separate but equally share parenting?

It used to be the case that when parents separated the parent with whom the children lived most of the time received the Child Tax Benefit (often …

Deducting Legal Costs for Income Tax Purposes

It’s tax time again!  I often receive calls about whether legal costs are deductible from income for tax purposes at this time of year. The answer is – it depends.

If you started a court proceeding to obtain child support …

Living Common Law: Big Changes on the Horizon

Under our current family law, when relationships break down, people who choose to live together rather than get married are treated differently than people who marry.

Married couples have had the benefit of Parts 5 and 6 of the Family

Calculating Child Support

In Canada, child support is calculated by reference to the Federal Child Support Guidelines.  In most cases, the amount of child support is calculated on the gross income of the paying party (less annual union dues) and on the …